Contest 2017


The European Award Gala ceremony was held in the Royal Castle in Warsaw on the 24th of August 2018 Year.

The contest included 540 projects from Poland and 19 projects from Czech Republic, Belarus and Ukraine.

Renovations and New constructions have been selected from 4 Categories:

  • Renovation of the cultural heritage buildings
  • New Construction
  • Renovation of a public object
  • Renovation of a small-sized building


The title “European Award 2017” in the category “Renovation of the cultural heritage buildings” was presented to:

Reconstruction of the Museum of  Decorative Arts in Prague

Object location: Prague, Czech Republic

Involved Companies:

-Investor – Museum of decorative art In Prague
-Construction – Avers, spol. s.r.o.,
-Architect – Project studio for architecture and civil engeering ltd.



The title “European Award 2017” in the category “New Construction” was presented to:

New Construction of “Clinical Medical Center”

Object location: Zdanovichi, Republic of Belarus

Involved Companies:

-Investor of the project – CUE “CCM of Minsk city government”
-Construction company – OAO “Strojtrest N1”

-Architect– JSC “Institute Belgosproekt”



The title “European Award 2017” in the category “Renovation of a public object” was presented to:

Renovation of the Potemkin Stairs

Object location: Odessa, Ukraine

Involved Companies:

-Investor – Odessa city council
-Construction Company – “Ekostroy” Company Limited
-Architect – “Ekostroy” Company Limited



The title “European Award 2017” in the category “Renovation of a small-sized building” was presented to:

Renovation of the “Astra Hotel”

Object location: Spindleruv Mlyn, Czech Republic

Involved Companies:

-Investor – Uniservis Hradec KrálovéA.s.
-Construction Company –  3AS architektonický ateliér

-Architect – Ing. arch. Vít Solnař



We would like to thank to all participants for the great effort connected with the valuable modernizations and beneficial constructions from the whole Europe.

International Construction Contest EUROPEAN AWARD has developed a strong cooperation with institutions, universities, embassies and ministries from the whole European countries. The mentioned cooperation contributes to the project possibility of the constant development.

We would like to express our gratitude to partners for the support!


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