Ceremonial Meeting of the EA Council


January 17-16-18th 2020 year in Wieniec Zdrój Health Resort, Poland


Ladies and Gentlemen, Winners of the EA Contest and EA Contest Honorable Partners!

The European Contest Council is the exclusive assembly of the Partners and Laureates of the International Construction Contest “European Award”. The members of the Council create the best examples on the European market in the field of construction through their presence, discussions and observations at the assembly.

On the second and third day of the VIII Edition of “Architecture without barriers” a seminar will be held: adaptation of space, construction for people with disabilities in Central and Eastern Europe, in countries participating in the International Construction Contest “European Award”: Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Belarus or Kazakhstan. Undoubtedly it will be an interesting and inspiring experience for all attendees to get to know of a broader view of the issue in our reality.

We are glad to invite Laureates of the International Construction Contest EUROPEAN AWARD and Partners of the EA Contest to be a valuable members of the European Contest Council and to share experience and achievements to the whole Europe.


Wieniec Zdrój Health Resort: Jutrzenka Medical SPA

Wieniec Zdrój Health Resort: Jutrzenka Medical SPA

Seminar „Architecture without barriers” – VIII Edition

1. Mr. Norbert Książek – Chief Inspector of Building Supervision
“Main Office of Building Control as an available office”
2. Mr. Tomasz Maruszewski PFRON – Deputy President of the Management Board for Finance
“The State Fund for Rehabilitation of Disabled People (PFRON) activities for architectural accessibility”.
3. Mr. Andrzej Gaczoł, prof. Cracov University of Technology, habilitated doctor, engineer, architect:
“Adaptation of modernized historic buildings or complexes for disabled people:
– left in the form of consciously accepted so-called “permanent ruins”;
– reconstructed objects (in whole or in part)”
4. Mr. prof. Janusz Rymsza, Director of the Road and Bridge Research Institute:
“Causes of the Polcevera viaduct disaster in Genoa in Italy”.
5. Mr. arch. Aleksander Baranowski – Ukrainian National Association of Architects (NSAU):
“Accessibility – one of the priorities in the design of public space of Ukrainian cities”
6. Mr. Meshcheriakov Volodymyr, PhD in Architecture, Associate Professor Odessa National Maritime University, Laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine in Architecture, chief of M-STUDIO Creative Architectural studio in Odessa, Ukraine
“Compositional solutions of the interior of Hall of St. Andrew the Apostle in the reconstructed Odessa Transfiguration Cathedral”
7. Mrs. Elżbieta Janiszewska-Kuropatwa – member of the council of the Mazovian Regional Chamber of Civil Engineer:
“Accessibility in construction – in engineering practice”
8. Mrs. Joanna Borowczyk, doctor, engineer, architect – Institute of Architecture and Urban Planning Lodz (Łódź) University of Technology
“The social role of architecture in the context of universal design”

Previous 2018 years Seminar – Architecture without Barriers

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