Odessa Lyceum “European”, Marshala Govorova st. 8a, Odessa, Ukraine

Odessa Lyceum “European”  from Ukraine participates in the 4th edition of the European Award.  The process of qualifying objects for the Competition Grand Final is underway.


Odessa luceum «European» is the first educational institution built in Odessa during the years of independence of Ukraine. Lyceum is designed for1000 students.

It should be noted that the three-story lyceum is very spacious, it has many classrooms and several halls for sports training, computer classes, a large dining room.

Lyceum is equipped with elevator and lifts for the unhindered movement children with disabilities.


Investor: Odessa city council

Construction/Building Company: Privet Company “DOBROBUD-GRAD”, Odessa city, Ukraine

Designer/Architect: Private joint-stock company “ODESTSYVILPROEKT”, Odessa city, Ukraine





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