Office Administrative building “European council”, Odessa, Ukraine


In 2018 year was completed renovation work of the administrative building of the center for integrated service «European council», located at the address: Odessa city, Kosovska str., 2d.

Center for integrated service is the first in Ukraine an important example of the European level in the organization of public services, where the full range of municipal services is available: social assistance, administrative services, pension services, receiving citizen’s appeals and much more.

The progressive social effect of a single center guarantees three aspects: functional convenience – 17 divisions of Odessa City Council, consisting of about 700 employees are compactly housed in one building with total area of 14500 m2; ergonomics – the territory of the center is equipped with car parking, the building provides comfortable conditions of stay, both of employees and visitors of the center; infrastructure – right next to the center there are tram and bus stops.

During the work on the reconstruction of the building, all building codes where observed and advanced technologies introduced. For people with disabilities there are different types of tactile means on the pedestrian paths, parking lots are equipped, the device of ramps, light and sound informing alarm system of entrance doors and elevators was made, requirements for light application of finishing materials for the organization of escape routes and fireproof zones were taken into account.

Architect: DP “Odeskyy Prombudproekt” Company Limited

Investor: Odessa city Council

Construction company: “Ukrstroyservice” Company Limited


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