Reconstruction of Kharkiv Regional Service Center, Ukraine

Kharkiv Regional Service Center began its work on September 1, 2017. The basis of the new center is the availability, transparency and speed of contact between government authorities, citizens and business.

In the building of the former “Dom Byta” on Tractorobudyvnikiv Avenue, 144 on an area of ​​almost 6 000 m2 equipped with over 300 places for receiving people, processing and issuing documents. An electronic queue system has been organized; in the center there is a game zone, banking and other services.

The center serves the residents of Kharkiv and the region, who need services of administrative and pension services, social protection, registration, land cadastre, state architectural and construction control, and many others.

Architect: D. Fomenko (Chief Architect); prof. V. Shmukler (Chief Engineer)

Investor: Kharkiv City Counsil

Construction Company: ALC “Zhilstroy – 2”

Photos before/after:


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