Reconstruction of Pavilion A in Louny, Czech Republic

Pavilion A was built in 1931 at the newly established Louny Exhibition Center and was put into operation by the President T. Masaryk. . The pavilion was declared a cultural monument in 1996. In recent years, it served for its original purpose rather occasionally, otherwise it served as a warehouse and background for the administration of the exhibition grounds and was a little forgotten. 

The principle of the proposal was, in particular, to reinforce and restore the original quality of the building – so all non-original build-ups and structures were removed. Instead, the original panoramic window to the café was restored, allowing access to the terrace above the entrance arcade with newly installed railing, a new lift and a completely redesigned layout of the ground floor and cafeteria on the floor. All internal and external surfaces were restored and all the fillings of the holes were replaced with the replicas of the original ones. Internal installations have been completely replaced.

The café on the upper floor is newly the heart of the house, with a terrace overlooking the park. For events of cultural and social events, however, there is also a main hall, for which mobile furniture elements such as wardrobe and catering counters were made, as well as movable screens for the occasional division of the space and for the installation of exhibitions.

Great emphasis was placed on the new artificial lighting system. The hall is therefore equipped with a two-dimensional spherical luminaire system, divided into five independently controlled circuits including dimming. Both outdoor terraces are fitted with earthlights, which create an atmosphere after dark.

Architect: Ondřej Tuček 

Investor: Town of Louny

Construction company: Lounská stavební, spol. s r.o.

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